Why Tourism Matters

Visitors find The Woodlands to be a “visually stunning,” “upscale and luxurious,” “fun, friendly, welcoming,” “tranquil and relaxing” place to dine, shop, and stay.* And we’re glad they do.

Because the contribution their visits make to our community’s economic well being are invaluable. The jobs, business growth, and tax dollars earned from their visits here also maintain the township’s critical infrastructure and fund other initiatives that benefit us all.
So, does tourism matter? You betcha.

While in all of Texas…


Our Visitors Love Us

This word cloud, created from visitor survey responses, shows that The Woodland’s striking natural beauty is what most impresses those coming for day trips, couples getaways, overnight stays, and family vacations. The word Beautiful dwarfs all the rest.


Visitors leave saying that they feel relaxed, peaceful, happy, content, and refreshed—feelings that echo the sentiments of those who’ve chosen to live, work, play, and raise families here.

This is what people take away from a visit to the Woodlands. And it’s what brings them back again and again. Learn more from the research the CVB conducted regarding Visitor Sentiments here


(Research gathered from the 2016 CVB Brand Development Research and the 2015 Texas Travel Economic Impact Study – Office of the Governor, Economic Development & Tourism)

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