Locals Love It

Written by Ashley White
On December 20, 2016 at 10:28 AM

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Yesterday in our office we talked about our favorite places to try when we’re in new cities. Mariana tries to find the best donuts in town. Danielle goes for the pizza. What are you searching for when you travel? Being a local here, myself, I decided to share my top 3 favorite places to eat. Next time you visit – eat like a local!


3. Black Walnut Cafe


My favorite brunch place, lunch spot and low-key dinner destination all in one – Black Walnut Cafe is a must go! Whether I’m hosting my out-of-town girlfriends over a freshly squeezed carafe of mimosas or stopping into lunch with my best friend Tori to get the pot roast grilled cheese sandwich I’m constantly craving, you can find me at this restaurant 3/7 days a week.




2. Brooklyn Cafe


Do breakfast like a local and stop into Brooklyn Cafe for a signature bagel and the kind of coffee that warms your soul. I love this place because it feels like somewhere my grandpa might meet his friends to chat. Any time I walk in I automatically want to stay a while. The best part? You can grab a corner booth and hang out without anyone rushing you out the door.




1. Brothers Pizza


Everyone in my office has heard me talk about how much I love Brothers Pizza. Normally I’m not much of a pizza person. (They all taste the same to me? Am I the only one?) But the New York slices at Brothers Pizza have the perfect meat to cheese to sauce ratio. This family chain has spread across the North Houston area for good reason, but my favorite location is tucked away in Sterling Ridge. I love going in there after work and seeing local kids doing their homework. It makes me feel like I’m home.

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