A Word from Our Chairman on COVID-19

Visit The Woodlands

Written by Visit The Woodlands
On March 16, 2020 at 3:10 PM

Bruce Rieser

Board Members, Committee Members & Partners –
As we monitor the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation, our thoughts and prayers go out to those impacted by this virus to date. We recognize that the ever-changing nature of this current virus is concerning and needs to be addressed in a common sense, informed, and calm manner.

There is no doubt that the media coverage, local/county/state official declarations, closures by education institutions and changes to private business functions as prevention efforts based on COVID-19 progression have had a significant impact to daily life, as well as to the local, state and national economy.

We are seeing the initial waves of economic impact in The Woodlands as the COVID-19 crisis has already begun to affect both leisure and business travel to The Woodlands with meeting and event cancellations and demand for air travel has reduced.

Many of our partners are feeling a sense of helplessness due to speculation about the level of spread or length of impact, both of which remain in question at this time. In times, such as this, many in our industry are wondering what, if anything, can we do to mitigate or control the crisis.

Visit The Woodlands is committed to providing our partners with resources and opportunities to help manage those things within our control. We are providing a regularly updated resource page on our website, which includes information on meeting and event cancellations as well as statements from our local hospitality businesses that speaks to increased sanitizing protocols during this time. If your business is doing something out of the ordinary (such as meal delivery, gift card specials, etc.), we ask that you share this with our team.

Through our social media channels we will continue to share a positive message to support our local hospitality businesses including our hotels, attractions, restaurants and shopping destinations. You can connect with us via Facebook and Instagram to stay informed.

Our sales team is exploring opportunities to replace lost business this calendar year through rescheduling events/conventions versus canceling them, as well as reaching out to previously lost leads in hopes of earning their future business. Our marketing team has already been in contact with our vendors to re-work messaging, postpone advertising campaigns or pause some efforts altogether. These decisions are made based on our need to be sensitive to the situation, while also trying to minimize the impact to hotel occupancy taxes, sales tax and the local economy as a whole.

Rest assured our team is working hard to support you. This has always been and will remain our goal, especially in times of crisis. The resilience of our destination provides us the opportunity to unite and actively support each other during difficult times.


Bruce Rieser
Board Chairman, Visit The Woodlands


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