How Can a CVB Make Your Life Easier?

Josie Lewis

Written by Josie Lewis
On April 4, 2017 at 10:39 AM

And so it begins! You have been tasked with tracking down the coolest spot for the next convention/meeting  and have no idea where to begin. Don’t worry! We are here to help make your life easier and to assist you in this detailed process. I could not count on one hand how many times people ask what EXACTLY we do as a CVB. So I am here to lay it all out there and hope that you will trust the CVB to assist in your planning process. We really can make your life much easier!

RFP Distribution

Within a new location that you may not be familiar with, you will need to track down hotels/venues that will be able to host your event. There are so many factors that go into finding the right spot! We can help with that first step of dispersing your RFP. Sometimes you are sent on a wild goose chase attempting to track down the RIGHT sales manager to get you the vital answers you need. Instead of spending countless hours reaching out to properties that may not even work for your event, send your RFP to the CVB and we can narrow down the search to locations that will be a good fit for your requirements. Not only that but we can reach out on your behalf and simply hand you the proposals! Right off the bat, hours saved, so you can focus on all the other stuff coming your way.

Familiarization Tour Itinerary

Next step is actually experiencing your location! It may look great on the internet but you will want to get in there and catch the feel and culture of the environment that you will be investing your event in. So jump on a plane or hop in your car and make a trip down to The Woodlands so we can really show off all we have to offer. This is a great time to tour the hotel and venue options for your meeting, if you have yet to make a final decision. Let us whoo you a bit! Not only that but you will have a personalized tour of the town where we get to show off all the things we love about The Woodlands.

Access to local Assets

After you have officially decided The Woodlands is the place for you, obviously after touring all the great things we have, its time to start the nitty gritty planning process.  We are here to make that process as easy as possible on you. If you’re half way across the country and attempting to plan from afar, we are here to help. Our job is to connect you with the right people to make your life easier! You will have someone on ground zero to advocate for your event, this can be invaluable during your planning process.

Marketing 911

So you’re on your way and the whole group will be checking in soon! Luckily for you, the CVB has been working hard on putting together personalized content on a home page specific for your group. We can put together discounts for you and even great tips on how to get around town! On top of that we would love to let our community know you are here through our social media channels! Let us show you off a bit!

Welcoming Committee

Last but certainly not least, we can help make sure your guests feel welcome in  The Woodlands. Allow us to put together welcome bags for your group that will have some great information on their new surroundings and some fun welcome gifts inside too! We can also help set up a welcome team to help with your conference registration.

We are here to help YOU! If there is anything outside of our typical amenities we offer that would be a big help, let us know. We want you to feel welcome in our home and to make sure that this is your best conference  experience  yet. If you would like some help with any of the above or more, please just reach out to or for assistance.

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